"This is a guitarist on the rise."

- Eric Shoaf, Vintage Guitar Magazine



“Jeff’s playing is technically masterful with a sound that comes right from the heart, with improvisations that are unique and emotionally satisfying.”

- Jack Wilkins, Guitarist

"Jeff Barone is an extremely talented and versatile Guitarist in both Jazz and Classical genres as well as your more popular commercial styles. His playing is unrestrained and right on the money, reminding me at times of a young George Benson or Pat Martino with lines that are steeped in the tradition but with a modern edge. His technique is formidable but never over the top, which I’m sure he could do quite easily."

- Lyle Robinson, JazzGuitarLife.com


"With ample chops and a firm grasp on tradition, New York-based jazz guitarist Jeff Barone proves a capable leader, bringing fresh ideas to the straight-ahead realm."

- John Barron AllAboutJazz.com

"Jeff Barone is big! Big range! Big sound! Big fun! He can swing and bop with the best of the hipsters or play passionately soft with the best of the mellow moodsters."

- Jazz Improv Magazine – Vol.8, No.3 (reprinted in Jazz Improv Ny Jan. 2009)
Bob Gish



“ …..Barone sounds comfortable in his own skin, rolling out a series of potent, tasty bop phrases that fit the groove like well-worn gloves, saying more in a few droplets of notes than many others could say with tsunamis of sound. Plus he definitely swings, with flawless timing and a strong, precise attack.”

- Bill Barnes, Jazz.com