1. Resa's Blues
2. In a Sentimental Mood
3. To Care For
4. Don't Worry 'Bout a Thing
5. You Must Believe in Spring
6. Crazy Talk
7. She's the One
8. Close Your Eyes
9. Renewal
10. Who Can I Turn To

Crazy Talk - Jeff Barone
String Jazz - February 2003

Jeff Barone - acoustic & electric guitars
Ron Oswanski - piano
Chris Berger - bass
Joe Strasser -drums
Jack Wilkins- rhythm guitar (track 2), guitar track 10
Special Guest: Mike Clark – drums

Produced by Jack Wilkins and Jeff Barone

“Crazy Talk is a solid mainstream jazz project with no weak spots. You can tell Jeff has paid his dues listening to the masters, but he has his own full sound that instantly tells you it’s Jeff Barone.”
-Charles Chapman, Just Jazz Guitar Magazine

“Jeff Barone is a real comer, and his debut recording Crazy Talk shows him to be an exceptionally fluent jazz guitarist with a great sense of swing and a tart, expressive sound all his own.”
-Chip Stern, Jazz Critic

“Jeff Barone’s CD Crazy Talk is a must have. He puts on a veritable clinic in great jazz guitar playing on this recording. For the general jazz listener and aficionado, Crazy Talk would be a most welcome addition to any jazz CD collection and one that will be played often.”
-Jazz Review.com

1. Duban's Groove
2. New Samba
3. If You Go Away
4. Open Up
5. Jenna's Song
6. Falling In Love With Love
7. Here's That Rainy Day
8. I Hear Music
9. My Funny Valentine
10. Toys
11. Quiet Now
12. Falling In Love With Love [Alternate Take]

Open Up - Jeff Barone
Jazzed Media - June 2008

Joe Magnarelli - trumpet
Mike Dubaniewicz - alto saxophone
Jeff Barone - guitar
Ron Oswanski - Hammond b-3 organ
Rudy Petschauer - drums
Jack Wilkins-guitar (track 5 and 11)

Produced by Jack Wilkins and Jeff Barone

“……Open Up is uptown jazz at it's best. The CD matches technique and Barone's smokin' instro jazz guitar improvisational skills.”
- Robert Silverstein, 20th Century Guitar Magazine

“…..One of the most listenable and accessible CDs of this decade.”
“This is a guitarist on the rise.”
- Eric Shoaf, Vintage Guitar Magazine

“NYC-based guitarist Jeff Barone will make new fans with this wide-ranging, imaginative release.:
-Zan Stewart, NJ.com

“Jeff Barone’s new CD Open Up is a collection of eleven tunes (with one alternate take) comprised of finely crafted original compositions, virtuoso jazz guitar performance, musically tight ensemble work and creative improvisation.”
“For fans of superb jazz guitar, super tight ensemble, inventive improvisation and catchy tunes and arrangements Jeff Barone’s Open Up would be a most welcome addition to any jazz aficionado’s collection.”
-Craig W. Hurst, JazzReview.com


1. Arthur
2. Show Me
3. Blossom
4. Walk Don't Run
5. These Foolish Things
6. Lauro's Waltz
7. Two For The Road
8. Fur Elise
9. Tico Tico
10. Airegin
11. Blossom (extended version)

Until It's Time - Jack Wilkins
Max Jazz - July 2009

Jack Wilkins -guitar
Jon Cowherd - piano
Steve LaSpina - bass
Mark Ferber - drums
Jeff Barone - rhythm guitar (track 3)

Produced by Jeff Barone


If there are any guitar fans out there who are still not familiar with Jack Wilkins’ musical genius and stunning technique, this CD is the perfect introduction.

The first thing you will notice about “Until It’s Time” is that it is fun to listen to. For this album, Wilkins, with the help of producer Jeff Barone, dug deep into his vast repertoire and chose to present us with an eclectic variety of standards, pop and show tunes and even classical excerpts, all freshly arranged and masterfully recorded and mixed.

Dan Adler, Jazz Improv Magazine

1. Hubtones
2. Along Came Betty
3. I Can't Get Started
4. 20-20-11
5. Woman Across The River
6. Just Friends
7. Wee
8. Red Snapper
9. Gigue
10. Moontrane
11. Drive Time

Drive Time - Mike Dubaniewicz
Jazzed Media - February 2009

Roger Lent – trumpet
Mike Dubaniewicz - alto saxophone
Kris Jensen - tenor saxophone
Jeff Barone – guitar
Ron Oswanski – b-3 organ, piano
Vince Ector - drums
Samuel Torres - percussion

Produced by Jeff Barone


“…guitarist Jeff Barone is on top of his game as part of a strong band.”


Dubaniewicz’s Drive Time is prime time listening and a superb debut with spot on acoustics. Highly recommended!

-Jeff Krow, Audiophile Audition

1. From This Moment On
2. Kiwi Bird
3. You Don't Know What Love Is
4. Come Rain or Come Shine
5. Shadows
6. Expresslane
7. A Simple Thank You
8. Glass Garden
9. My Romance
10. Skylark
11. Lament

Expresslane – James Silberstein
CAP - February 2008

Jim Rotondi- Trumpet
Eric Alexander- Tenor Sax
Steve Davis-Trombone
James Silberstein
Jill McCarron-Keyboards
Harvie S- Bass
Vince Cherico- Drums
Daniel Sadownick-Percussion
Ann Drummond- Flute
Kate McGarry -Vocals

Produced by Harvie S. and Jeff Barone


“A great sounding CD that kicks from start to finish.”

- Lyle Robinson, JazzGuitarLife.com

This is a great cd with much depth and many contrasts of mood and feeling.

- Peter Bernstein



1. Duban’s Groove
2. Crazy Talk

Carl Fischer & Organic Groove Ensemble - Carl Fischer
Fisch Music - 2003

Carl Fischer - trumpet
Jon Scarpulla - tenor Sax
Tom Guarna - guitar
Ron Oswanski – B-3 Organ
Brian Wolfe - drums
Jeff Barone – composer

www. fischmusic.com


1. Open Up

Adverse Times - Carl Fischer
Fisch Music - 2010

Carl Fischer - trumpet
Jon Scarpulla - tenor Sax
Ozzie Melendez - Trombone
Jay Azzolina - guitar
Ron Oswanski – B-3 Organ
Brian Wolfe - drums
Jeff Barone – composer

www. fischmusic.com